User Acquisition

Social Media

Paideia will utilize various social platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, to expand our community, creating a space for people to learn from one another and get the latest info about the project. Community updates, tutorials, and AMAs will be shared. The team will share consistent blog posts on Medium and the Paideia website outlining the development progress.

Strategic Partners

Current strategic partners include:

  • The Ergo Foundation

  • Spectrum Finance

  • Ergopad

There are more partnerships planned which help build cross-chain platforms to allow DAOs on Paideia to hold not just Ergo-based assets, but others as well.

Paideia will not be seeking VC funding, in favor of a fair and broad distribution among the community. Paideia is backed by the community, and the community will have an opportunity to influence the direction of the project via voting.


It is important to market Paideia outside the crypto community, in order to capture a larger audience. The purpose of these tools is to eventually allow anyone to create a DAO, whether or not they are familiar with blockchain in general.

In order to increase community outreach, Paideia will be advertised through different platforms using various marketing strategies. The focus is on advertising our project through blockchain related blogs for each region with a broad scope of article types, focused on different market segments beyond just the technical-minded crypto enthusiast. Furthermore, we will be working with influencers for the mass adoption of Paideia, to help bring awareness and encourage entrepreneurs to consider using the toolset.

Our marketing campaign will also include giveaways, bounties, contests, AMA's, as well as participation and collaborations with other projects. Platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Medium, YouTube will be used to spread awareness of the use case of our project. On the other side, every project that makes use of our tools will have a space to share their project information, and there are plans to increase the community outreach tools built directly into the Paideia toolset.

We will continue to make use of community feedback through social media and surveys in order to get familiar with the thoughts and ideas of the people who use Paideia. Ongoing surveys and market research will be conducted, and the data will help grow the project in a direction that’s useful to the users.

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