• Begin UX development, producing prototypes to show the community - Completed
  • Complete the white paper - Completed
  • Create social media accounts, and begin community outreach - Completed
  • Fund-raise rounds - Completed
  • Begin work on smart contracts and project back-end code - Completed
  • Begin work on front-end along-side the UX team - Completed


  • Continue work on front-end code and start launching alpha testing of some features with the back-end team
  • TGE and IDO - Completed
  • Staking begins - Completed


  • Front-end and back-end team working together to continue adding features and testing
  • Some beta tests may be available to public at this time
  • Cross-chain functionality begins development


  • Begin releasing production versions to the public and adding new features
  • Add more complex forms of governance and token launch options. Begin to fully realize the vision outlined in this whitepaper

2023 & beyond

  • Fully implement cross-chain functionality
  • Create side-chain and stand-alone DAO management tools outside of the Paideia website
  • Utilize funds where possible and explore outreach programs in areas that will benefit most from crypto governance solutions
  • Establish a not-for-profit foundation that can educate and empower people in developing nations using the Paideia toolset
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