Product Market Fit


Ethereum gas fees make simple tasks extremely costly

Ergo & Cardano both have no gas fees and low transaction fees

The wealthy have more votes in many DAO systems, which means they will always vote for proposals that benefit them over others. This gets worse over time as wealth is accumulated faster due to these decisions.

Paideia offers voting mechanisms which attempt to mitigate the wealth advantage, such as quadratic voting and optimistic governance. In quadratic voting, a calculation weighs votes from smaller wallets higher per token than a single vote cast by a larger wallet.

Inability for non technical users to form a DAO.

Paideia allows for users from any background to create and manage a DAO. This means that they don’t need to have any developers on their team. Funds can be shared by any group of people.

Lack of trust between the investors and project teams.

Paideia is providing tools such as transparent vesting or locking contracts, which can build a trust-based bridge between investors and builders. Transparent fundraising, tokenomics, and vesting schedules, all secured by audited smart contracts will prevent rug-pulls and allow investors to have a say in financial decisions.

Sometimes types of investments are out of reach for some investors due to a minimum investment number.

Paideia is offering tools that allow investors to pool their funds, and the smart contracts ensure that no individual can take those funds for themselves. The treasury wallet can interact with any smart contract that an individual’s wallet can.

Some entrepreneurs cannot launch their projects due to a lack of resources such as money, connections, or an inability to write the necessary code to interact with the blockchain. They still may have a good idea, and would be able to execute if there were fewer barriers.

We empower entrepreneurs by providing them tools and opportunities to start building their project. Paideia has fundraising tools that make it easy to share the idea and see if there is community interest.

Lack of knowledge among the community

Paideia will create educational videos and documentation to help new users learn about the software available and the blockchain in general.

With many projects, tokens are distributed manually, which leaves room for error or manipulation, schedule changes, and lack of transparency.

The toolset will provide a tokenomics process that is locked in at the outset. Tokens will be distributed through smart contract secured vesting periods and emission schedules that cannot be changed after the fact.

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