Feature Sheet

Basic Features

  • Governance Management: choose the style of governance and create the necessary tokens to share voting rights

  • Proposals: Those with the appropriate rights can create proposals to change DAO features and settings, or spend funds

  • Voting: the voting structure can be selected from available options, and each proposal can be voted on by token holders

  • Token creation/issuance: all tokens can be generated by the platform and distributed using the optional mechanisms (direct sale FCFS, interactive token offering a.k.a. dutch auction, airdrops)

  • Tokenomics generation: you can control how many tokens are distributed or withheld for specific groups, what their vesting schedules will be, and generate graphs and tables to share with users

  • Staking tools: if you want to allow users to stake their tokens, Paideia can provide a space to do so

  • User reputation: users can give validation information, build a reputation, and get bonuses for using the platform

  • DAO customisation: upload a logo, choose from color themes, and select how your DAO is presented to the world.

  • Treasury management: allowing proposals which include staking the treasury, providing liquidity to earn LP revenue, and other smart contract interactions can be done through the DAO management panel like any other proposal

Record Keeping

  • DAO decisions must be tracked and summarized

  • Graphs will display expenditures, potential ROI per proposal when possible

  • Some proposals can have milestones tracked on chain and execution tracking. This would be required for things like the refundable ICO feature.

Proposal pre-sets

  • Payouts: add or import csv for payee details. Run your payroll or pay to a group, based on DAO decisions.

  • Automated Recurring Payouts: Schedule payouts at a predefined time. This contract can be voted in place by DAO members, then canceled by DAO proposals as well.

  • Yield Management: Options to earn interest by providing liquidity or other treasury management options which can be proposed to the DAO.

  • Token Buyback option - the DAO can vote to buy back tokens at specific market rates on specific DEXs.

Vote Delegation

DAO members who don't have enough time to focus on voting, but would like to maintain ownership of their tokens should have a way to delegate their votes to other users. This feature will be including at some point after MVP when resources are available, but it is a highly requested feature and will be prioritized.

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